Rick & Morty remixes

hey, this is Rick from C-137, I’m telling you uuuuurrrrrrpp! buy Bitcoin Bitches
Remember when I told you to buy Bitcoin at $10 Morty Do ya Well, we’re going to uuuuurrrrrrrrp! the Moon Morty! To the Moon!!!
There’s nothing I can do Summer, Morty’s been reading up on Bitcoin, he’s be uuuuurrrrp! come a Toxic Maxi. Toxic Maxi Morty! yeah
Rick taking on the Bears
CZ!! WTF is Vitalik doing here uuuuurrrrrp man
Hodling is hard Morty!
I found a Block Morty! Immutable Blockchain bitches!
Keep mining Morty! We’re gonna be riiiiich!
We’re gonna buy up all the miners Morty. Buy em all.
See this Morty It’s the RickMiner 50K Fastest Bitcoin miner in galaxy Morty! We’re gonna be rich!!
Picking the right Morty is important!
See this Morty! It’s the future Morty. I press this button here and it shows us 5 years forward.
Class B
To the Moon
Toxic Roger vs Rick
Ya just gotta believe in the HODL Marty! Look at me Morty! Look at me!
Xmas 2017 Bitcoin Price crash
It’s the most beautiful thing Morty.. it’s a Bull Run
Sell or Buy Morty
Bitcoin’s dumping Morty!
Missed the dip
I told you no shitcoins Morty, but youuuurrrrrp! never listen. I’m out!
See what you’ve done Morty!!! You’ve turned us into Bagholders Morty, BAGHOLDERS!!
Bitcoin Forks in Crisis