Old Skool stuff

Computers came late to my graphics game.. instead being used for gaming for disgracefully long periods of time … looking at you Guild Wars!

Caran D’ache water colour pencils, Faber technical pens, compasses, rulers and a photocopier were the tools of the trade for a long time…

I also played with lot of early softwares from 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Maya, Bryce, Poser and a heap of other small apps that disappeared despite being really cool.

Apophisys, Amorphium, all sorts of fractal apps and other generative stuff.

Below is a mixture of stuff from all time periods.

Sadly, the vast majority of my early works, all the good stuff was stolen many years ago 🙁 What’s left are mere ghosts of them all and as they were all made in a pre-digital age, lost forever now.

Hey ho, ya can’t look backwards! And the adventure continues ….