Various works I have collected and gathered over time are now available for sale. More will be added over time.

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New things added, sold items removed


A collection of works by the wonderous hands of the Chief!
Each one is a #1 or 1 of 1. Seriously special and definitely uncommon.


The Master of the Bitcoin Art scene. A true OG and man with a greater vision.
For sale is a BTCvsFED collection with all pieces pictured.
The main panel is #4/5. Dim: 51cm x 120cm (20″ x 47″)
Note sets and single Note are #4
Tote & Duffle bag are #4 (still sealed)

“Take the Power Back” is 1/1
Abstract is #21/21

Large Panel
Mini Billboard sign
Abstract #21/21

Fractal Encrypt

Fractals works speak for themselves everytime they appear for sale!
Here’s a rare chance to catch a Key! #86

Pascal Boyart

One of the crypto scenes current hottest properties his works are highly collectable and definitely sought after!
This is the professional framed #21/30 print of his famous Liberté mural that was “deleted” by the local authorities and the prints are now the only physical version of the image available.

Clay Cast & Lucho Poletti

This wonderful cast mask, designed by Lucho Poletti and hand crafted by Clay Cast of the Netherlands is a truly delightful piece to behold and own. #21 Silver 4.4TOz 2021

Josie Bellini

Josies works have become iconic and her eye for detail shines through her works.
On offer here is the Poster (in tube unframed) and the Tote bag made in response to the rapid circulation of the image of an (alleged) Deutsche Bank employee with a Bitcoin bag

CypherpunkNow! (Martin Fischer)

A collection of his early works bought from the Hackers Congress in Prague 2018 just before he became a household name!
Privacy Extremists tee is


German artist RYR has evolved form street art to making wonderful works using shredded and pulped fiat and using various other materials such as metled down pennies to make his statements on the world of money.
Silk Road and Bitcoin are 100cm x 100cm
Maze B is 50cm x 50cm

Trevor Jones

Trevor has become one of the Crypto Art scenes leading faces with works now fetching millions of dollars.
Available for sale are 3 pieces.
The Architect as a large print [#61] and a small Artist Proof version [1/2] both signed by Trevor. John McAfee small Artist Proof version [1/2] Limited edition

Zoran Art 2014/5

Creating bitcoin abstract and street art long before many even thought of it, Zoran has been creating exceptional pieces for many years.

Friends of Satoshi Zim Note

The Friends of Satoshi ZimNote – Artist Proof 2017 Each note is a unique part of a 10 Note set. An artifact of the fiat banking system in the era of Bitcoin.

At the heart of this project is a collaboration between 6 well-known Crypto Artists from around the world, including:
-Zoran Kutuzović a.k.a. Start the Art (Croatia)
-Satoshi Gallery (U.K)
-Crypto Imperator (Spain)
-Cryptoheadd (Formerly Qrypto) (India)
-The Bitcoin Penny Co. (USA)
-Friends of Satoshi (Mr. Immutable) (USA)

The product of this collaboration is a reflection on the Bitcoin scaling debate that in many ways has divided the community. Governance continues to be a challenge that all decentralized OSS projects face. As a symbol of one of Bitcoin’s greatest strengths: diversity of opinion, each unique contribution combines to form a single, unified work of art.

This work has been featured on several media outlets including:
-and others!

Gareth Eckley

An outstanding Canadian jeweler, while a newcomer to the scene makes exceptional work. $3000


Classics of the CryptoArt scene and highly desirable prints.

#1 / 30

Vinyl Records

Proof of Beats by Friends of Satoshi – The first Bitcoin oriented work created on vinyl.
SkrillaVentura – One of the leading lights in the Bitcoin NFT scene he also makes rap music.


Original canvas artworks made for the Coldkey collaboration
2 canvases $600 for the pair

Citadel 21 Magazines Year 1

The complete first year of issues from the awesome Citadel 21 team and Bitcoin Collective.
Year 1 of Citadel 21 Magazines (in toploaders)
Issue 6 signed by Vizique
Issue 7 comes with a Limited Edition (#11/21 Geophreigh Artwork)

Bitcoin Takeover Magazines

A rare collection of the Bitcoin Takeover Magazine in its various iterations. NFT included in sale

Bitcoin Takeover Magazine Various Issues

Bitcoin Magazine collection

Issues 2-22 still sealed in original packaging.

Bitcoin Magazine Issues 2-22 (retail value normally $16955)

Bulltardia by Dim

Bulltardia by Dim 2 copies available

Coins & Rounds

Ballet Wallet Limited Edition Wallet (Unused) Sealed

Polymerbit Note Collection

Various PolymerBit Notes

2014 XCP Asset 1/10 & Bitcoin Keyring

Bitcoin Keychain with 2014 XCP Token NFT

Pepe Flyers AP & V1

Scarce City Pepe Flyers Production (UK8) Artists Proof (US10.5)
PepeFlyers Pack & Legomoto
Assortedf Plushies and Toys
Coin trumps Card game

A selection of Tees from 2014 onwards. Manufacturers, Software and Mining etc. Some have been worn, others not.


All digital creations and collectables are no longer for sale.