Apes … kind of …

Riffing on the various Apes that are appearing all over the place.
Also an opportunity for some crossovers …

Each card in the DABC series I make will come with a Sub Asset that will go to make up a game …. more below.

Ape-opoly – A fun game based on an old classic with a few twists here and there.
Watch out for Gorillas that will steal your stash! Practise at the Poopflinging Range, Beat your chest and maybe win a Prize! Or get sent to the Zoo!!!
Hours of fun to be had with this naughty take on a perennial favorite!
Ape-opoly will be a “Print out to Play” game with Mystery & Beat Your Chest Card assets being released as Sub Assets to Viz releases on the DABC Directory.
And just what do the Influencer Channels do?

Cards that didn’t make the grade for a Directory or just released for fun anyway.